1020Films began as a few simple ideas between two friends over some very complex ice cream.  

       As a Los Angeles based online production company our goal is to show the world that you don't need a big studio to make big ideas.  We're here to prove that, with enough willpower, anything is possible: time travel, jet packs, high-quality online media - anything.

       Shea Parker and Amir Rakib started 1020Films because they want to use their experience, talent, and love of filmmaking to produce professional films for everyone to enjoy, free of charge.  While donations are very much appreciated, the best thing you can do is to simply spread the word. So long as you keep on coming back to watch, 1020 will keep releasing films. Every 2 weeks.


Shea Parker was born in a state of quantum flux. Until he is observed and his existence confirmed or denied, he will spend most of his time acting and not acting. He met Amir Rakib when they both discovered that pressing the elevator call button repeatedly does not, in fact, make it arrive faster. They've been friends ever since and have tested their science on crosswalk buttons and hotel reception bells. One day he hopes to grow a plant in his belly button and name it Franklin.

Amir Rakib was constructed in Israel and shipped to the US while still in the prototype phase. His glitches often manifest themselves in the form of peculiar fixations, such as: the focusing of lenses, typography, and beard maintenance. He calls Shea Parker a friend because he was told that that is what their relationship most resembles. In an everlasting struggle to become human he has developed a mild sense of humor. One day he hopes to understand the concept of love.